Solar Panel Cleaning

You have made a significant invest in solar panels. To help you get the most out of your solar panels, A Pane in the Glass employs an industry recommended process specifically designed for solar panel cleaning. Solar Panel cleaning is essential for optimal solar panel performance and efficiency. Just like your windows, the longer solar panels sit outside, the dirtier they get. Dust, leaves, bird droppings, pollution and other impurities can prevent sunlight from reaching the cells inside your solar panels. This can lead to an energy loss of up to 25% according to studies by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

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Solar Panel Cleaning, A Pane in the Glass Window Cleaning
Solar Panel Cleaning
A Pane in the Glass Window Cleaning

Our 3-Step Solar Panel
Cleaning Process

Here's a complete description of how we perform a full service window cleaning:

  • Solar Panels are rinsed with water to remove surface dust.
  • Each panel is individually scrubbed using a professional grade Solar Panel Wash specially formulated for spot-free cleaning of all types of solar panels without oxidizing or abrading aluminum rails and mounting apparatus. All dust, bird droppings, pollution, pollen and tree or plant matter is removed.
  • A final water rinse leaves all panels spot free and crystal clear.
Solar panel cleaning - before & after - A Pane in the Glass Window Cleaning, Las Vegas, NV

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Chad Hughes, Owner A Pane in the Glass Window Cleaning
Chad Hughes, Owner
A Pane in the Glass Window Cleaning