Residential Window Washing

Laying in the basin of the Mojave Desert with its windy, dusty weather, Las Vegas area homeowners understand residential window washing is an ongoing maintenance task. Let A Pane in the Glass Window Cleaning, and our 20+ years of experience, give you a hand. We guarantee your satisfaction!

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed for residential and commercial services.
  • All employees are trained for workplace safety and maintenance work to provide you with impeccable service
  • A criminal background check is done on all our employees.
A Pane in the Glass Window Cleaning - Las Vegas, NV
A Pane in the Glass
Window Cleaning

What to Expect When We Arrive

Here's a complete description of how we perform a full service window cleaning:

  • We start by removing, marking, and cleaning all screens.
  • Clean the outside of your windows first, using a soft strip washer and a very concentrated window cleaning solution. The solution we use will not only make your windows sparkle, but it will protect the glass from the harsh elements.
  • Thoroughly wet the window with our strip washer and solution, squeegee the water off, and towel dry around the edges where water collects.
  • After the outside windows are done, we'll then move our operation inside and repeat the process.
  • When we're inside, we clean the window tracks* and window sills*.
  • It's now time to put all of the clean screens back in place.
  • To finish up, we will walk around your home to double check the windows and put all of  your furniture back where it was.

Next Steps

We'll be happy to provide you a free no-hassle written estimate at your convenience. And we'll back up our estimate with plenty of references so you can talk to a number of our satisfied customers.

Chad Hughes, Owner A Pane in the Glass Window Cleaning
Chad Hughes, Owner
A Pane in the Glass Window Cleaning